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Feast your eyes on the amazing Sydney Sexy City video clip!

"The most wasted day is one in which we have not danced"
- Fernando Ebony
Sydney Sexy City

Sydney is celebrated as one of the great cities of the world by journalists, writers, painters, architects and thousands of migrants from every continent on earth who arrive, each week, to make it their new home; but where is the music, the song which has the insistence of memory, which sums up the essence of what it is to live in Sydney?

Nearly every great city has an instantly recognised and remembered musical signature, and now it?s time for Sydney. With my single Sydney Sexy City, the driving Latin beat and fast Latin chorus capture the pace, chic and freedom of Sydney life.

When you purchase the CD, along with the Radio edition and Dance version of the song, you will get two outstanding music video clips. An original and an alternative version.

Sydney Sexy City is coming soon to selected music stores, but for now enjoy a taste of the song below in MP3, Windows Media or Real Media formats.

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For those that would like more of a visual treat, check out a sample from the Sydney Sexy City video in Windows Media and Real Media formats. For the full clip, head to YouTube or MySpace.

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